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Bisexuals are a bit of an outcast or ignored group in the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) title. That’s likely because of the ‘all or nothing’, ‘black or white’ concept most people function under.

Consider that in most endeavors being versatile is a desired attribute. If a surgeon can operate on hearts and brains that’s great. If a builder is skilled at plumbing and electrical it’s wonderful. I’m sure you get the point. So, why the common upset when someone hears a person is bisexual? It just means there’s an attraction to both genders. That attraction can be frequent or rare. It  does NOT have to be equal at 50/50. That’s just a stereotype.

Bisexuals seem to be in a no man’s land between gays and straights; both sides tend to discriminate against bi’s. Funny that it happens since gays are an abused group.

I’m bisexual and am ‘out’ although I neither flaunt nor hide it. Writing is a great joy and like most people I think what I have to say is worthy of the world! SMIRK. While I’ve written one self-improvement book on wisdom and common sense I focus now on bisexual, contemporary fiction.

Enough for now. Thank you.

David Sullivan